Restoration Services in Snohomish & King Counties

ReNEW Deck Restoration & Pressure Washing provides several services for residential exteriors in Snohomish and King Counties.


Resurface wood deck

At ReNEW Deck Restoration & Pressure Washing we provide deck and fence restoration services. If you are expanding your deck or modifying your existing fence area, we can remodel your deck or fence to meet your current needs. For decks that are worn, faded, warped, or have missing boards, our specialists can make any of these repairs. We can refinish decks with new wood stain and a weather resistant sealant. We also install replacement solid wood, composite, and vinyl boards or sections to restore the deck to like new condition. Fence restoration includes cleaning, staining, repairing and renovating wood fences.


Deck and fence treatment

ReNEW Deck Restoration & Pressure Washing also cleans, stains, repairs and renovates wood fences. This includes residential yards and commercial spaces, including privacy, sports complex, garden, and any other type of fence the property currently has. From short, 4’ fences to 8’ fences and specialty sizes, we can accommodate customized needs of the home or business owner.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing before picture

ReNEW Deck Restoration & Pressure Washing also offers pressure washing services for home exteriors. Using water only or water with a mild soap solution, we pressure wash siding, driveways and patios. Pressure washing is a fast, chemical-free way to remove dirt, mold, mildew and debris.